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Golden opportunity for Doctors

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Piles Training Programme


Franchise of fastest growing industry


Rana Piles Hospital” is famous centre for research training to doctors’s for treatment of haemorrhoids (piles) in India.


Dr. Hitender Suri is a eminent doctor for treatment of Anorectal disorders. He is a Gold Medalist and throughout topper during his educational carrier. He has done extensive training in anorectal diseases in India and abroad. He has done ksharsutra training in Jamnagar. He worked as an observer in Tata Memorial Hospital for 6 months. He got his training for famous European technique (THD) in Italy.,govt hospital organized by manufacturers of the machine, Doctors from all around the world participated Dr suri is the first Indian to get this training. He has treated more than 40,000 patients of anorectal (piles,fistula,fissure )disorders. Dr. Suri has experience of around 10 years. He started his practice in 2002.His Hobby is to educate more and more B.A.M.S. doctors to hone their skills in minor and major minimal invasive anorectal procedures for treatment of anorectal disorders.


Rana Piles Hospital is a Superspeciality Hospital for Anorectal diseases. Hospital has all the options from around the world to treat piles, fissure, fistula.


Our Aim: To project B.A.M.S./G.A.M.S. Ayurvedic graduates as consultants in Anorectal diseases and to develop a National chain to share knowledge and success.


Piles training Programme: Piles is a problem from which 80% of population of age group 35-80 is suffering. So it has tremendous scope everywhere.


Piles training programme will be of 3 types

  • Course 1 (Basic Course):

Anatomy, Physiology, Kshar Sutra Procedure for Haemorrhoids and Fistula ,treatment for fissure by dilatation.

Course Fee: 20,000/- Course duration: 1 Week.



  • Course 2 (Advance Course)

Anatomy., Physiology. Kshar Sutra procedure for Haemorrhoids/Fistula.

Banding: A procedure in which band is applied on Haemorrhoids. It is a OPD procedure hardly takes 15-20 minutes,if done properly it is a painless OPD procedure


Sclerotherapy: An OPD procedure in which grade 1 and grade 2 Haemorrhoids are injected with phenol and almonds oil injected at base of Haemorrhoids,it is very technical opd procedure completely painless.


Cryosurgery: OPD procedure for internal haemorrhoids,,painless ,proven technique over decades.


Treatment of Fissure: Both dilatation and lateral anal sphincterotomy will be taught.

Medico legal aspects in anorectal disorders.

Course Fee: 50,000/-

Course duration: 10 days.


  • Course

Specialisation: As the name suggests training course will devolp doctors as a specialist who will be able to perform all Ayurvedic and modern procedures for treatment of anorectal disorders.

  • Kshar Sutra procedure for treatment of Haemorrhoids / Fistula in ano .
  • Rubber Banding painless opd technique
  • Sclerotherapy painless opd technique
  • Cryosurgery proven opd technique over decades
  • Open and closed Haemorrhoidectomy.
  • Infra red coagulation (IRC).
  • Doppler treatment for Haemorrhoids(most popular European technique( THD)
  • Fibrin glue/ Anofistula Plug for treatment of Anal Fistula. In addition to it minor surgical procedure like Ear structure/Iand D , will be taught to tune you into surgery. We will make you capable to treat each anorectal procedure within 15-20 minutes.


All treatment of Fissure

· Lateral anal sphincterotomy( closed and open).

· Posterior sphincterotomy at 6

· Lord’s Dilatation(anal stretch)

· Treatment of WARTS/CORNS


Course Fee: 1 Lakh

Course duration: 15 days.


For Franchise



3 or 4 bedroom bungalow


1500 Sq. feet commercial space in up market area.

Rs. 10-12 lacs to invest.


We offer/Help from our side as a partner

· Manpower

· Medicines

· Marketing material/strategies

· Continuous management support.

· Mining Formulas

· 1 month extensive training.


Sirhind is a well connected city situated on main G.T. Road and well connected by air and by road.

Nearest airport is in Mohali just 20 minutes drive from sirhind

Sirhind railway station is a junction almost all trains stop here.


Accommodation available

  • Sahil Motel- three star Hotel
  • Balazio Plaza- Mall cum Hotel
  • Shanti Lodge- Budget accommodation
  • Palm View- 3 star Hotel
  • Jain Mandir rest house- low Budget accommodation


Sirhind is a famous place, religious wave is in the air. A famous Muslim dargah Roza Sharif is there, where lot of people come from abroad also.

A famous Gurudwara where Sahibjadas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were slated in a wall.


OPD Timings

Summer Timings
Monday to Saturday:
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Winter Timings
Monday to Saturday:
9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Latest News

  • Rana Hospital made in to LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS for operating 391 piles patients on 27th Oct,2013
  • Latest World Class Treatment of fistula by Vaaft Technology now available in Rana Hospital.
  • A camp of Fistula by Vaaft Technology by Senior Consultant Dr Suman Gupta was conducted on 3/07/2011.


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